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Your wife is with my wife! LOL

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Your Wife is Fooling Around With MY Wife!
Live Radio prank call. This Red Neck is so fucking dumb... just Wait for the last Two Minutes, Fucking Hilarious!!!
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lol at "i no my shit little"...
Yew got mah number own the swanger's website?
Dam im glad i moved out of White Settlement,lol.

[email protected]

Send him some videos of 2 ugly chicks gettin it on.

nice find!!
"i know my shit's little, but shit!"
I'm tellin' yew, I ain't got no videa camra.
Are you retarded? Am I dealing with a slow human being lmao
hahaha mongoliod asshole!!!
holy shit this guy is a fucking moron.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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