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This may be a stupid question....but anyone know of a write up on how to clean up the engine bay of a foxbody.....a carbed write up preferably.

My 85 just passed its last year for emissions and im wanting to get rid of all the bullshit emissions lines and crap. Im not looking for a write up on how to clean it or paint it but one more or less on what i can remove, wire tucks, those kinds of things.

I want to pop the hood and there be a motor and just the bare nessecities

Something along these lines....without having to fill the holes of course
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I can't wait for mine to get to that point. No emission testing will be great.
Thats pretty extreme! You carb'd? You would have to get rid of/relocate A LOT of stuff to even get near that close and it will look like crap no matter what you do unless you fill all the holes. Well not like crap but no where even close as to that clean.
better than this

granted the factory carb is finally coming off and that will eliminate a couple lines
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start by getting rid of the hose wrap,the usa hold down, and the can of spray paint on the intake
thats the coil lmao......i though it wuz kinda purdy.

thanks for the kind words.....jew bastards!!!
just bring me a whole handful of $100 bills and i'll have that hooptie fixed up in no time....
just bring me a whole handful of $100 bills and i'll have that hooptie fixed up in no time....

does that mean one for each finger???? and include the carb installed, tuned and rear end done????
two hunerds per finger...!!!!!!!!!!
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