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If you are building or plan on building a house, make sure they drop Cat5e cable. I did dual runs to each room (except the kitchen and dining room) + a cable and DSS run.

Just got done doing the can, adding a telecom punch down, network punch down and video amplifier/splitter. I can actually add a combo hub/broadband router/firewall to the can, but I think I'll do the old fashion way for now (that option is $2K!).

You can be in any room in the house and plug into the wall, walla, instant lan + internet access.

Still have some pairs left over so I can eventually add cameras, lighting, sprinklers, ac/heat, security system to the network. I'll be able to control/view everything in the house via the web when I'm on vacation. :D

Of course, my entire family will be overcome by electromagnetic waves within 15 years.
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