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I saw this product on an article from a tech blog and ordered it with low expectation. If it wasn't going to work excellently, it was going back immediately. But unexpectedly, by god it really does work!
I plugged it in to the USB port in the console between seats. It took all of 30 seconds to set it up and check for updates. I turned my car off and on 3 times to test connection. It connected pretty fast every time and it worked well. Knob and steering wheel control both work just the same as wired CarPlay. There is about 1 to 2 seconds of delay on the audio side but that's totally fine. I must say it works great! By the time car boots up, it can jump straight into CarPlay automatically and work flawlessly. Didn't expect it to be faster than plugging in a wire and I am pleasantly surprised by this!
I can quickly switch between CarPlay and the original car system, its connection speed I really love. Plug and play, the setup is easy and the re-connection is pretty fast. It not only supports CarPlay but also supports Android Auto. It also supports online upgrades. This is really convenient! I am quite satisfied with this adapter.
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After enjoying the convenience of wireless carplay, I would no longer switch to wired carplay. I absolutely love that I no long need to take my phone out of my pocket in order to listen to music, or get directions. Facetimed a fellow friend and he watched it connect; he immediately ordered one. ha! If you are interested and need, you can try it. I recommend this.
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