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Will carbing a bronco FAIL inspection? EFI to carb people in here!!

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Got a 1990 Bronco, need help with it!

My dad bought a 1990 Bronco for me to drive back and forth to school. Anyways, its going to need to have the engine and trans rebuild, along with bushings.

With the trans being electronically controlled and it being speed density, what all will have to be changed to have speed density? I would love to put a larger cam in it.

Who has the best prices for a basic rebuild? gaskets, plugs, bearings, timing chain, cam, lifters etc.

Would you recommend having the block taken to a machine shop to get worked on? If so, what is recommended? Ive never messed with machine work.

Where is the place to take the engine to who does good work?
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Tuned right, you can pass emissions with a Carb. There are lots of them on the road today with carbs that do. Why not leave the injection on there?
Yeah, were going to leave EFI on there. I edited it. Just need rec. for a good rebuild kit, suspension work and other parts it may need. Also, a nice 4-6 inch lift.
Our 210/210 on a 110LSA with 530 lift works FAB in trucks for daily drivers.

Time for a 351.
Our 210/210 on a 110LSA with 530 lift works FAB in trucks for daily drivers.

Time for a 351.
The truck is a 351. pm sent
The truck is a 351. pm sent
If you go carb, you will need an Bauminator tranny controller for the trans. If you want to keep it fuel injected, (speed density) you can't have any less than 114* LSA on your cam, or it won't create enough vacuum to run right @ idle. Some AFR 185's would wake it up quite a bit & would not mess up your S/D.
Another option is to convert it to mass air, which after the bauminator & all the carb stuff, may be about the same price. Personally, I think that I'd keep the fuel injection, but that is me.
True, he would need a 114 LSA cam to keep the computer happy if he was running a big cam, but not my little 275 with [email protected], even in a 302. I have sold hundreds of them on a 110 to guys with 302 EFI's for their trucks who most of them have simply plugged and played and they love them. That cam even as wide as a 112 is DEAD calm at idle.

Sure a wider LSA will calm it down in every way, but in the cases of these two engines, there are ways to accomplish this which I feel are much more effective for the overall picture.

When I first prototyped the above said cam back some years ago, I cut it on a 112 and installed it in a buddy's mother's show room stock(From bumper to bumper) 25th aniversary edition. Convertible at that. Throwing it in and nothing else except 12 degrees of base timing, with the automatic and 3.08 gears, was exactly 1/2 second faster at the 1/4 mile and with an added 500 RPM's at the shift point based on best times at the track. In back to back track testing, the stock cam gave the fastest and best times with around a 5,000RPM shift point,which also REALLY suffered above that. New cam did the best with a 5500 shift point.

My personal opinion of 112-114LSA cams installed in N/A 302's and 351's is
the wider LSA is Band Aiding them. If you have to band aid with wide LSA's to make them run with the computer, then you have too much cam timing and not enough compression.

Compression also cures vacuume. It also calms an idle and brings a power band in sooner. You can run 11:1 and then band aid with some cam timing and a 112LSA which will kill cylinder pressure and cylinder pressure spikes so that you will still be octane friendly.

The better the rod to stroke ratio is, the lazier the car will accelerate when you run a wide LSA. And the more it will also BEG for compression.
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LOL, getting a carb to pass the sniffer isnt the problem, its getting the carb to pass the visual! No legit inspector in their right mind who wants to keep their liscense would ok that.

I know thats not the question at hand anymore, just sayin....
You are absolutely right about the Visual inspection! Fortunately, our boy is keeping the EFI.
I'm almost inthe same boat.. I have a 91 f150 that I want to play with..
I want to go the carbed high compression nitrous route
what all is needed to go from speed density to carb on the cheap..
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