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why are you online on a saturday night?

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i'm here at work...:damnit1:
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Late dinner about to head out to Keller's for the first time in awhile.
I left the UT blowout to come home and watch choke-lahoma lose.
Just got back from a 2 day long dove hunt and I am fucking tired.

Killed my limit though :D
trying to get rid of a Yorkie (he's in the classifieds btw)
...because I have to fucking work tomorrow!:cussing:
Getting rest tonight before the Red Dirt Roundup tommorrow. Got some VIP passes :)
Just finished watching OU get laid out. I had to watch so I could talk smack to my co workers up here.
Watching football/surfing the board before I depart for a card game. Right about now, actually.
Because I have to work early in the morning.
Getting to bed early tonight... Have a long day on the rhino tomorrow at Rocky Ridge.
because I don't have crap to do. went to dave and busters (arlington), and that place and verything around it was too packed. Came home to do nothing.
Thought about going and cruising on the harley to waste time or cruise in the TBSS, but there's really no point. guess I came home too damn early from D&B, but they kept getting more and more packed. Guy one house over has lots of people over and coolers of beer, but I don't speak spanish.
Maybe I'll go just sit in the garage and throw darts or play some Wii. :disappointed:
Because I live in Longview, and this shithole shuts down at 9pm....
It's 10:45, and I've just come in from pulling the motor out of my lil mule.

Now I'm knocking back a few cool ones, trolling DF
I'm online because I went to Shreveport today and I'm too tired to do anything else. I guess I could sleep... :thinking:
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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