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which clutch?

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i am going to start building my 95' cobra this month and instead of doing the motor first like i alwasy do, i am going to do the supporting mods first. i will also be running drag radials. first thing on the list are a pro-motion t-5, clutch, and aluminum flywheel. plans for the motor are 500-550 rwhp on juice. the clutches i am currently looking at are the fidanza 4.3 and 3.2 and i cant decide on which one to get. the car is going to be a weekend street car so i would like to keep pedal effrot to a min, but i want a clutch that can put the power to the ground with minimal slippage. i am not dead set on fidanza either. i was going to buy thier flyweel so i figured i would get their clutch as well. i appreciate the feed back.
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I ran a centerforce putting 515 hp to the ground.
which one? did it slip a lot? i want something with some bite ya know? i want it to bite more than the king cobra clutch for sure.
Centerforce 3 did not. It was a very strong clutch, it held nicely under dumping the car at 6k with slicks.
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