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Watercooling parts / kits/ accessories

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Where can I get these parts locally? Axiontech has parts but they are closed on the weekend.

Any other places?
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did you check frys or microcenter?
did you check frys or microcenter?
Microcenter has a pretty good choice of parts. That's probably your best option.
Fry's has a kit, but it's a POS.

Haven't checked MC.
IMHO, if you can avoid buying locally - sites like newegg.com are the best. Great CS and usually a great selection too. I HATE, HATE, HATE Frys, CompUSA and to an extent MicroCenter. (I know I've posted no supporting reasons, but I just don't want to be typing for 30 minute. :D)
I was getting severe headaches from the AMD heatsink/fan - the pitch was just ear splittingly loud at 48-52db when the CPU had any load. I had to do something and quick, I was popping motrin like tic tacs.

I ended up going with an aftermarket heatsink fan (Scythe Artic 64) that has 1 mm of clearance with the memory heatsinks - but it's a night and day difference. I hear the case fans more now and those are registering at 20-24db.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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