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Allright here is where I am with trying to find the passwrod for my computer w/ Windows 200NT:
This a continuation of :


I am running NTFS PRO.exe on the machine.

I have copied the SAM file to floppy

I have run LOPHTCRACK(LC4) on the SAM file and it found three users, (Administrator, Guest, and blah) but no passwords. ??

Does anyone have a registered copy of LOPHTCRACK (LC4)? That way I can do a full blown assault on the password?

can I just delete the \WINNNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG file, since I now have access to the c:
If so what is the DOS command to do this?

can I install a newer version of Windows from the C: prompt?
If so what is the C: prompt?

You all have gotten me very close, just need a little more help!
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