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What are the symptoms of worn valve guides?

I've had oil consumption issues on my new motor, and the heads that I put on it have seen some abusive daily use. Big nitrous backfire, two boosted motors, and the current motor. Before I put these heads on, the 'chine shop cut .030, new valve stem seals and valve job.
The motor has 1500 on the clock, w/ probe pistons, file fit moly rings, crower rods, etc. The heads are afr 185's w/ upgraded springs from afr.

It has smoked since the word go, and compression is good. It uses about a quart a week or so.

I'm at a loss. Even though it is my daily driver, I have a shortblock in the garage, and another tentatively tagged for stroker duty. I have options, I turn a quick wrench, so down time is not THAT big of an issue.

help ya'll!

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could be the guides or seals but I would think that the machine shop would have noticed a prob there.

It could be a pcv valve sucking oil.
If the intake rocker studs goes all the way to the intake port and no sealant was used that could be it.
it could be a leaking intake gasket.

Are you getting oil on all/any spark plugs?

Ya might have to pull the intake manifold and see if the oil is getting in before or after this point.

If before that it is pcv or something like that.
Look in the ports and if you see oil in the ports check for an intake gasket leak or pcv.
If you see no oil than it could be the guides, seals, rocker studs or a bottom end ring sealing or blow by problem.

Hope this helps.

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