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update on dr visit for my knee's

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I've been experiencing knee pain after a normal work day. I went to the doc and had him look into it and also to have some blood test done as im always fatigued and my joints mainly my tendons in various spots hurt. I have tendentious in my elbows, shoulder and knee pain.

The x rays show that my knee's themselves appear to be fine.

My blood work has a few hiccups nothing major except the kidney tests. I attribute these for all the pain meds i was on. I will have the blood re tested in 5 weeks of no pain pills. Well i should say the doc says they are normal. I dont have a clue what im looking at. I had them make me a copy of it.

My knee's are still killing me but everyone i goto says im fine. All i want todo it some walking/running after work. They say im not sleeping anuf now and put me on a sleeping pill.

I will say since my last thread i picked up some Orange triad, and so far so good.

Here is the blood tests.

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Those labs are basically normal...how do you figure your kidney labs are abnormal? Your AST and ALT are slightly elevated...those are liver function tests...but nothing to be too worried about. And, like you said, that can be from taking a lot of tylenol containing meds. As far as your joint pains, you probably just have DJD/osteoarthritis.
Sorry dave i should have said Liver. Like you said its normal except slightly out of range on those. I also think its just because of the pain meds. They still want to re test in 6 weeks of no pain killers.

Time to hit the gym pain or no pain. I really wanted to get things looked at before starting to make sure i wont be hurting myself in the long run.
what kind of improvements have you felt, if any, with the orange triad? I've debated getting some for a few months now. I also suffer from joint ache quite often, especially the knees. my pain is more of dull, tired pain.
I dont know if i can or not. It could just be a placebo effect, but my knees feel a ton better and My feet have no pain. Ive been able to get into the gym and really start working :)

My shoulder that had surgery in june is doing good. I've got some frontal deltoid pain that im working on.
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