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Unusual Paintings of Obama Naked with Unicorns

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House, Stalin , and obama is this the though anti christs over the last 100 years? Where is Hitler, him and obama would have gotten along just fine.
what is the race of the painter?
i think he is unigay.... i mean gpamp.
wow look at the ass on his wife lol
Him and that unicorn are going to town on that rocket!
WTF is House doing in the last one?
The exact same words came out of my mouth.
That guy had one hell of an acid trip! The House/Obama/Stalin (although it looked like Saddam) was funny as hell.

so were you looking for pics of Unicorns when you found these?
OMG Obama stuck his dick through that horse's head on the last one!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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