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Twin Wells?

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anybody played twin wells recently, how's it looking? i know it's lower tier, but fun little course when not in terrible shape. with my total swing overhaul just trying to get some swings in at easier courses
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Go to Lake park in Lewisville. There are only a couple of holes that you will have a chance of losing golf balls. It's a wide open course.
lol just got back from lake park :)
What did you shoot?
brutal 99 fighting through swing change 'twitches' and trying a new driver, I've shot 82 out there before.

thank goodness i got the par on 18, i've stated before not breaking 100 at lake park is grounds to quit golf.

playing partner shot the most ridiculous 73 ever, 5 bogies, 1 double(on of all holes the easy par5 second), and 4 birdies
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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