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tree help

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So about a month ago I planted a live oak tree and now in the recent days the tree is looking dead
And the leaves are starting to fall I have watered it from time to time since I work late hrs so my question is
How strong are these trees will it eventually die or if I water it right
Will the tree leaves return next year any help is welcomed thank u
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Better be giving it a good soaking at least twice a week. This is not a good time to be planting a tree, it would have been best to wait until late fall.

Hopefully you got a guarantee with it, in case it doesn't come back. And giving it some Super Thrive once a month is a good idea, at least for the first year or two.
put a water hose on a slow trickle and leave it on it for 24hrs, or you can build up a dam around the tree and fill it up and let it soak in that way, either way in this heat it needs to be cared for pretty often.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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