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Holy crap! This guy needs some hazard pay!

"Red Light Wrecker tow truck driver Edward Wiley encountered a shooting during his shift, when attempting to tow an illegally parked Ford truck from an apartment complex in Southwest Houston.

In the midst of Wiley trying to load the vehicle onto the wrecker, the vehicle owner and his friends angrily came to the scene. After confrontation between Wiley and the vehicle owner occurred, the owner got upset and immediately pulled out a gun and started firing. The driver shot at Wiley 4 times; the bullets went through the tow truck cab and into the drivers seat but were stopped by a small steel crossbar in the seat, saving Wiley from getting hit. The entire scene was captured by Safety Visions RouteRecorder 4C mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), SV-620A rear-vision color cameras, and the SV-CLCD-70B rear-vision monitor."

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