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Suggestions.. 91 f150

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Iv got a single cab truck with a 351..
I want to build a quick street truck.
I don't realy care how shitty the drivability as long as it's fast
I want to spend about 5 grand on it..
Throw me some ideas for combos, what I should start looking for
if you know of any good used parts for sale ie heads cam intake convertor
let me know

pretty much just do some day dreaming for me.. As long as it's under 6 for
parts labor and all! Thanks in advance..
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Are you gonna stay EFI or carb it?

i have a set of aluminum heads. i would take 650.00 for them they have 3000 miles on them
AFR 185's, a custom cam, (no less than 114*LSA) gears, locker, LFP longbars, headers shift kit, 3500 stall converter, Vortech supercharger.

Go to NLOC.net or Lightningrodder & check out the Gen1 section... Lots of info & people that would be more than willing to help. Might be a good place to look for parts as well.
I was thinking I would prolly carb it just cause it would be cheaper..
I'll check out some lightning forums
heads, intake, carb, headers , long bars, 3000+ stall, transgo hd2 kit, and a plate kit. should be under 5k
Gonna need some relatively steep gears too. I built a mild gt40 roller 5.8 for my 95 single cab and the 3.55's didn't cut it.
what heads intake carb do yall recamend for a full weight truck would it be to much to ask for a high 12 low 13 sec truck?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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