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DarkPony said:
there is a few there, I there is also one with a massive 5-6 in cowl that goes to the windshield. Plus a 35 aniv. Trans Am.
Those cars are always out there.
Also it is a Collectors Edition Trans Am, not a 35th anniversary :)

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I live a few blocks from there and stopped in once to talk to those guys. They seem OK I guess. I seriously doubt any of them post on the board. There is a black 96-98 Cobra, the 82 stang and Trans Am already mentioned and a FOX body blue hatch , big cowl hood and welds. The hatch is a big motor nitrous car, but they keep blowing it up all the time.

Around the corner from there is a FOX body GT , white with ponies thats been sitting there awhile and its for sale. The number and price is on the back glass. It looks pretty clean from the street and the price is only 4000 obo. Midway & Frankford
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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