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I have a lot of several thousand sports cards that I collected from Junior high to High school. They are Hockey, Football, Basketball and Baseball. There are MANY rookie stars from various brands and sports, and ALOT of stars and minor stars. Not too mention the plethera of commons. I am looking to get rid of this, as my parents have had them in their house, and I am know 28, so they are getting on me. They are all either, boxed, or stored in binders or plastics. I will even throw in my back issues of Beckett price guides, including 2 Michal Jordan Beckett Basketball #1's (just a little add on). I have know idea what is specifically in them and can't really look, as I have 2 kids, and no time. I am pricing it cheap (not giving them away, though to all the lowballers).
$400, cash and pick up in Plano
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