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Some photos of my 4 eye

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Here are a few pics of my car

sorry if I suck at taking pictures
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Car looks good! I had a coupe that same color
Its a 4x4 right?
Its a 4x4 right?

that's a hell of a car. i've always wanted one.
I don't this the 85 came with 4x4 but let me go check.....

it needs paint and carpet but everything else is good
its a 4x4 right?
Its a 4x4 right?
Well at least he doesnt need a jack to work under the car
^^true story
lmao....good looking car.....pop that trim off the rear window and repaint it....n get some 87-93 quarter windows and sail panels-back interior.......makes one helluva difference.
dang that thing does sit high then. My fox cars I usually ran a 275 60 in the rear and it sat up like that. I ran a 225 50 once and it didnt seem to sit that high. But then again that was 8 years ago
I know the guy before me put some kind of suspension in it but I'm not sure what he did...
The body and everything looks good. Just a fresh coat of paint, and figure out why it sits so high. I would leave the quarter windows alone, just for nastalgia purposes. I wonder if they sale a sticker kit for the hood. Need to put one on my 86.

Also, is there only one seat?
nice 4eye. looks like he put a pro-comp lift on that thing. you got a long way to go but you will get there im sure
I bet you the guy who did the suspension tightened the control arms while it was fully exstended on jack stands . This causes a bind in the bushings and makes the car sit realy high . Even stock it should not sit that high .
yea, I'm not sure what he did to it, I would have to have someone look at it.
and yes, it only has one seat in it right now I'm working on the floor pan and getting ready to install new carpet
Its an easy fix . All you have to do is jack it up from the diff with a floor jack and loosen the bolts in the front and rear of the control arms . As you do you will probably see the car start to settle and after you loosen them all and let it settle just re tighten . Make sure you check the springs and make sure they are clocked in the same position or the hight can be off side to side .
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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