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So what did you do on Labor Day?

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Here's what I did

Just a cleaning on both. Nothing special :(
Couldn't get any decent pics of the Porsche, maybe next time.
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That guy has a awesome garage. Nice
Nice car! What model Ferrari is that? Not sure I've seen one before.
My gf.
Nice car! What model Ferrari is that? Not sure I've seen one before.
Ferrari California
Ferrari California
Very cool. I'm sure it's a badass, but like most modern stuff, I'll take the namesake! :D

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I need Nic's services now. Took my new, '09, 4wd 5speed Ranger up to the Little Bufflow River in the hills of Arkansaw. My first time "off roading" had a hoot ! Poped her madenhead, met some friends who live up there, (Parthenon ) near Jasper.
Drove the whole lenght of senic Ark. Hiway #7. Should have been in the mustang and not the truck for all the twisties and ups and downs. But it was fun eating lunch at the Edge of the Cliff resterant overlooking Arkansaw's Grand Canyon.
Stayed in Hot Springs friday night and visited some cool rock shops going up 7. Now I'm hooked on this 4 wheel drive stuff. Truck is dirty and now I'm looking for mods on it and more places to go.
Any ideas guy?:arms:
Just forget about the post above

nice cars, they look good just like all your work.
Nick is that the good Dr's stuff?
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