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Should I sell my 68?

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I have a very good friend who is an older guy that has been a successful racer for many years....I've been hanging around him since I was a teenager, and he has taught me a tremendous amount about cars over the years....more than anyone else in my life. In short, I highly respect this man, and can only wish I will have his level of knowledge by the time I am his age (71 this year)....he has been a serious mentor to me.

Anyways, he is a serious fan of 1st gen Camaros, and he decided a few years back that he wanted to build a "killer street car"....his words. I helped him find a deal on a roller at the time....a pretty straight 68' that another friends son had had his way with and put up wet. Don built the car into a pretty serious badass, all things considered. A stroker small block with all of the good parts, good heads, fuel system, etc, etc....topped off with a blow-thru ProCharger......long story short, it is a very streetable combo that has spun the rollers to 630rwhp, and just over 700rwtq.

I wanted the car really bad a few years ago, and he declined selling it...however he promised that I would be the first to know if he were ever to change his mind. Well, the car has done nothing but pretty much sit for these past couple years, and I got that call this morning! He is offering me as a friend the car (at a buddy price) before he officially puts it up for sale.

For the purpose of space, but also to be comfortable funding this purchase I'd have to sell my 68' C10 (which I'm very fond of).....however, I've always really wanted this Camaro....I watched it being built, and can say that it has the best of the best of the best....hard to find one better built.

...all it needs is a new set of wheels (to better suit my taste)....actually even hooks good with a built 12-bolt and Caltracs.

Anyways.....would I be crazy to sell Ole Blue for this car? I know I've said I'd never own another first gen, but I never thought this car would be for sale either.
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Not even a question. The truck is nice - REAL nice - but that Camaro is the shit. I know you'll put the right wheels on it to take it over the top.
not even a question. The truck is nice - real nice - but that camaro is the shit. I know you'll put the right wheels on it to take it over the top.

I would kill for both of them. If it was me, I would find a way to aquire the money and hang on to both vehicles. Both of them are serious collectors and will be cherished forever.

I'd definately take the Camaro. But I'm a big fan of 1st gens.
I am not sure what feelings you have for the truck, but it is not that often you get a chance to get your hand on a car like that. If you know the car and respect the guy that built the car, then go for it. Like I said, it all depends on how you feel about the truck.
See if he will take your truck as a partial trade. Then you can always buy it back from him later.
Id get the Camaro...there will always be SWBs out there
Hmmm, I think i like the truck better, but that is a very nice camaro.
That is a nice 68 but i would definatly go with the camaro. lot of history with the car/owner, you will cherish that forever and kick yourself for letting it go to someone who might not appreciate or take care of it.
me beings a 72 c-10 owner, those trucks are really nice, and i love them to death. If i was in your position i would have no idea what to do. I would try and scrape up money and keep to truck and get the camaro too. Not everyday do you find a 68 c10 in the shape you have.

Idk man.
if you still have the red chevelle... sell it and pick up the camaro, and keep the truck!
Why is this even being debated? Get the 68 camaro its worth a lot more then the truck. Plus its a first gen, and who doesnt love a first gen?
A 630 rwhp '68 that looks like that, and you still need advice? There's no telling what it would cost to duplicate that car, if you even could. Jump on it before he changes his mind, or ups his price.
I would get it. The C10 is clean, but it's not my favorite color. I like that red on the Camaro way better.
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