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Sheetrock repair in FW?

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I got two different people that both need some sheet rock repaired. One is a ceiling that is about a two inch by 3 foot long gash/crack and some nail pops. They are trying to sell the house and would like it done ASAP.

My brother has a wall with a big crack and is interested as well. Both would be willing to have it done this week!

They both live 5 minutes from each other and are near 35/820 by Saginaw if that helps.

Let me know who is good or PM me a number.

The reason I posted this both of them have called various companies and all have no showed!!!

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count me in too- ive got a hole in the wall I need fixed (12"x12")

ive tried craigslist to no avail- 3 no shows.
My brother tried Craigslist too, and the other used the phone book. Somebody need som money, right?
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