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Seeking Workout Partner...

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I have been working out since 08 and was wondering if anyone needed a workout partner or would wanna be my workout partner.. I really feel that i could benefit more if i had someone to spot me on some lifts.. I stay in lewisville and i workout at 24 hour fitness... i workout at the one off 121 and josey also known as 24 hour fitness castle hills.. would be willing to commute to other one in the carrollton lewisville area... Thanks
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I live right by the Castle Hills 24. Would work out there but it's not a damn sport club. Frisco has the same stuff, what's makes this one so much better?
It's the top of the line clubs. It has way more than the others 24s. Freee towels tvs on treadmills. Tvs all over.. up to date equipment. I just joined. Used to b at l a .
i pretty much joined because i got a 3 month pass at no cost... i could care less what it has as long as it has weights... Let me know whats up?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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