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Saudi Drift #2

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Found another one with some good hits.

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can u just kill someone over there and nobody gives a shit?
Those dudes are some morons!
Someone needs to tell them their doing it all wrong. I wonder how much auto insurance is there?
I think they're the ones keeping toyota in business.
What the fuck? Don't they call us wasteful? Those cars have to cost someone something. That is some of the dumbest "organized" shit I've ever seen.

You can't just call that a "hol mai bur" moment.
I thought drifting was a "controlled" slide? :suspect:
LMFAO, one of the guys that works here watched the start of the video and he said the translation on the beginning was something like "God, please give me my senses"...lol.
I really just have nothing to say. That is some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen.
Looks like a bunch of idiots trying to destroy cars.
WTH Where are the cops, oh wait its the middle east were in control over there. And they think were wasteful. insert facepalm
lmao... A bunch of brilliant mother fuckers.... Love how the vehicle mid vid nails a car, which removes his rear bumper and he keeps fucking going...
I'd love to see some white sheets fleeing the vehicle in the middle of those rolls...
i laughed at some of the dumbness in that video.
can u just kill someone over there and nobody gives a shit?
The more (********) the merrier!
lmao that shit is retarded
I was laughing through most of it. I have seen similar videos on the web. those people suck at drifting.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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