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Rent to own question...

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So I find myself not exactly ready to purchase a house a the moment. But I really do not want to back to the apartment life bs. I was asked by a buddy why not rent-to-own? This idea had not really crossed my mind until he asked.

What are some pros/cons about this? The reason I'm not looking into purchasing a house no more is due to the fact that my debt to income ratio is not ideal. Does this come in play when renting-to own? Where are some sites I can view houses or get more info?

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Rent to own is BS. All that happens is that you are given credit for the money paid to the principle of the loan while you were a renter. If it is a loan less then 10 years old then they are basically making your first mortgage payment for you after you have been paying them rent for 2 years and allowing them to own a house for free while it appreciates in value and since you are trying to get that little pittance of money that they are promising to give you they will demand a higher price for the house that you have been paying for already. Just buy a house right off the bat and don't deal with A hole scammers.
Just pay off the debt and then purchase when your ready. I can send you some lease properties if you want.

~Real Estate Nate
Nate you got a number I can reach you at?

Looking to do something in the next few months, just not sure what exactly.
96Cobra_Nate PM sent!
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