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Redline raceway friday August 28th

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This friday august 28th is free tech card friday...all it cost you to get in and race or watch is $10.00...on pit side. The price on the spectator side is still $ 5.00 a person or $15.00 a car load... This is a test and tune only night so you dont have to wait in line....
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Street cars will have to wait in line while the race cars hot lap.
thats why i dont go to redline
Street cars will have to wait in line while the race cars hot lap.
x2 they will have to wait for atleast an hour or so thats how it always is
Too damn far to drive for me.
Guy's i know in the past it has been where you feel you didnt get your fair share of passes if you had street tires on your car.... I have talked to the owner and made him aware of this and thing's have changed....also tonight there is nothing on the schedule for street cars to fight with track time...we have no booked races tonight...when we first start racing at night we start with the slicks to get the track preped..then we will move on to the street tires...what alot of people dont understand is street tires really tear up a track they tear the rubber off the starting line....but on the other hand you guy' s pay just as much as the drag car's do to race and deserve your fair share of track time..with all this being said i hope you guys give us another chance...
it dont matter rather its a street car or race car!
redline you guys take waaaay to long,to do anything.
last weekend i was way bored. as many cars as redline had i took way too long,
and the track prep:261: there is to many cars not hooking
im sorry but redline has made drag racing no fun for me.
is it the track or the cars

I don't know about that being the tracks fault......my car stood up on the bumper. and i have been going to race tracks all over the country and unless there are no cars there,it takes a long time,period.
I stopped going to redline a LONG time ago. Even though Denton I farther, it's much better.
I love northstar. They take time to prep their track while the night goes. I never see redline prep the track unless someone oils it down.
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