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Im leaving camp Taji some time today. from here Ill go to another camp in Iraq. then in a couple of days Ill be down in Kuwait. after a long gruling day going through navy custom, one last stop in Europe, then back to the good ole US of A! I make one quick (5 hours) stop in Atlanta, Ga. then home to good ol' Kansas City, MO. my folks live there, and my truck is there. thats why im not going back to texas. while im at home im gonna try and catch a Royals game. i know they are the worst team in the American leauge, but hey, gotta rep the home team. wish me (and the Royals) luck.

just a soldier tryin to get home

Im pretty sure Im gonna make my down to Jacksonville, Florida. Im gonna go hang out on the beach....Ill be sure to take some pics for the fellas back on DFWstangs
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Be sure and get plenty of tit pics while you're at it!

And thanks for risking all that you did. Glad you seem to have made it back unhurt...
thank you for serving and protecting us from them ********.
Im thinkin we might need more protection from our own elected officials. id rather be dead than a slave. a well taken care of slave, is still a slave
Glad you seem to have made it back unhurt...
this is only the half way point. I still have to come back to this hell on earth for another 5 months
Good luck to the Royals

and thanks:biggthumpup:
WTF have you been?!
WTF have you been?!
been taken'er easy. traveling on the scooter and seeing the country.
how's things been for choo?
Looks like we will be headed back to Ali Al Salem about the same time, I'm headed there, then looks like on to Afghanistan. One more year working for uncle sam. At least I'm getting to do it as a civilian, be safe and make it back from the last 5 months.
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