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I have my wifes and my computer networked together and just added a printer to mine, I'm running win 2k and 89 on hers.
I can print to printer but cant get hers to print to mine??
Any ideas?? When I try to network from her comp to my printer it won't allow me it says no permission to access resources..:confused: :confused:

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I feel stupid for even replying to this thread, but :)

AFAIK, when you run a win2k box, you have to have the other windows machine log into the network via Client for MS networks login screen, make sure you have a username and password setup on the win2k box so the win98 machine can log in.

I did some searching and here his a simple howto w/ screenshots:

I'm sure one of the more knowledgeable windows people can help you out better then I can, but perhaps this will get you started.

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Like Chris said, make sure the printer is shared and you're both in the same workgroup. Then you should be able to go to "Printer and Faxes" and say something like "browse the network" and if you're in the same workgroup, it should browse that first and show the shared printer. Should take all of about 30 seconds.

Let me know if you need anymore help.

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