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Plug wires???

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I have basically overhauled my entire ignition system trying to chase a problem that I have just about gotten resolved. It's been a combination of several issues. Anyway, I am wondering if I should buy MSD pluf wires or just get the FRPP plug wires?

I just have a few basic bolt on mods on my 93 GT... Full exhaust, cold air intake, E-cam, and GT-40 intake. Would it be worth my money to buy the MSD's or will I run just fine with FRPP. FRPP is currently on the car, but I was just curious what everybody else's experiences have been.

By the way... does either spark plug wire kit come ready to install or do I have to cut and crimp them?
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I like Ford Racing wires. They are fitted, numbered and crimped so you can't screw it up installing them AND alot cheaper!! I never had a performance problem out of them. I run them on all my Fords... My 2cents!
ill never buy a set of msd's ever again. the ford racing wires have held up better for me.
Bought a set of blue FRPP 9mm plugs and put them on Saturday. Saw too many horror stories with the MSD plugs and have not seen any with FRPP
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