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Hey guys, there is this guy that I need to get revenge on, simply because he plays around so much.... I have come up with a couple of things to do to him, but I wanted to see if my fellow mustang buddies could help me out with some ideas?:D

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Do him like Loraina Bobbit did.

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He made an un provoked attack, and gave me some exlax
he also put hotsauce in a co workers coke, and some other petty shit, he just needs to be taught a lesson. He also had some **** call me on my celly.......:)

Scared s**tless
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a bumper sticker attached to the back bumper of his vehicle...

"honk if you're a ***, too!"

that always works. do it on a night he has to go somewhere important and public. like to a job interview.

another great fun thing to do is a very simple one. urinate in his shoes. :) its such an easy, yet versatile, method to fuck with someones head!

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Denny said:
If his car has hubcaps, pop them off and put some frzen shrimp in them and put them back on. After a while the brakes will heat them up and make them stink!!!

Hey man, why does your car smell like nasty pussy?
a spare lugnut tossed behind the hubcap works great as well.

if he's a moron about cars, that POS will be at my dealership bright and early monday morning for, "the whole fucking wheel's sounding like its gonna fall off!!!"

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I installed this program on a friends computer when I was over there a few weeks ago.


He thinks his computer was some awesome deal and was making a big stink about how he was a non-computer guy and he had a "better" computer than I did. Well now, he's convinced it's a piece of shit. :) I have not told him that it's a joke. :)

The program does this:

Error Messages
Real error message boxes shown on the screen once in a while. User must click OK in order to continue working.
Total of 60.

Funny Messages
Funny error message boxes shown on the screen once in a while. User must click OK in order to continue working.
Total of 60.

Load Applications
Creates a list of all EXEcutable files on all hard drives. Then, once in a while picks one and runs it.

Change Display Resolution (new in version 5.00!)
Checks available display resolutions and changes resolution at random.

Shutdown Windows
Forces a Windows shutdown (total shutdown of computer where available) at random. Programs such as Word will ask to save work.

Hide Taskbar
Hides the taskbar (and disables Ctrl-ESC, etc.) for 10 seconds and then makes it visible again.

Duh... Through the PC-Speaker (might not work on all machines).

Background on Top
The Revenge Pack will load the desktop bitmap on top of everything. There will be no taskbar, desktop icons, or other programs visible. Ctrl-ESC, Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Alt-Del menus will be disabled as well. How to get rid of it? Either wait(random timer), or top-right corner of the screen.

Close Applications (New in TRP 5.1)
This old prank is back and is much better than it used to be. Now everything is really done good and is not dependant on whether you're in an application or not. TRP will try not to close itself with this(because it really includes all windows) and also the Program Manager. It closes windows in the way they're supposed to be, so those that need confirmation (to save work, etc.) will do it.

Swap Mouse Buttons
Swaps the mouse buttons(left-right/right-left) in real-time (means that no Windows Restart is needed for this to affect the machine). The Uninstaller restores the old mouse configuration(the one before you had The Revenge Pack loaded).

Swap Shortcuts
Swaps the Start-Menu shortcuts so (for instance), the shortcut that says "Microsoft Word" will point to "Norton Disk Doctor" and vice versa. (nothing is deleted, and when TRP is uninstalled, your old shortcuts will be restored). Errors might occur if shortcuts that have been swapped were deleted by user.

Open/Close CD Door
Once in a while, the CD Drive tray (aka Coffee Cup Holder) will be opened and immediately closed.

Caps/Num/Scroll Locks
The Revenge Pack can turn the Keyboard locks LEDs on and off randomally, either once in a while, or like a maniac for 10 seconds every 0.2 second(as funny as hell!).

Load Common Dialogs
Opens, Once in a while, a Save File As, Open File, Choose Color, and About Windows dialogs.

Load Control Panels
Makes a list of all existing Control Panels(not only those enabled in the control panel) and picks and loads them at random.

Mouse Accelerator
Makes the mouse move more than you want in the direction you move it (it continues moving after you stop by calculating the motion speed and increasing its speed a bit).

Imprison Cursor (new in version 5.00!)
Puts the cursor in the center of the screen, and allowing it to move only in a small rectangle for 20 seconds.

Blue Screen (New in TRP 5.1)
We all know the beautiful exception error screens (don't we?), and this is the case. Beautiful... (it's a fake!)

Access empty floppy drive (New in TRP 5.1)
Tries to access drive A: in hope that it's empty (so it makes a great noise!). If there is a disk inside, the user is asked, kindly, to remove it - when s/he does, TRP will again try to access it...

Fatal Error Box (New in TRP 5.21)
Well, this is the worst message box ever to be created by Microsoft (hmmm, maybe except the blue screen)... It has the old Windows 3.11 look and feeling, that something has gone terribly wrong with your system... It uses just one message, but if you think it's worth making it use the ones that the Error Messages feature uses (or others), tell me!

Set Background Picture To...
You choose a picture from the harddisk (JPG, BMP and GIF supported), and The Revenge Pack will use a copy of it (will put it as a background picture on the computer it's installed on). Original background picture will be restored once TRP is uninstalled using the uninstaller. (this prank replaces the Llama Picture prank. You can get the Llama/Camel[GOD KNOWS!] picture from my site).

Set Clipboard Text To...
You can either type some words in that text box, or nothing. TRP will change the clipboard text every 60 seconds to that string(or delete the clipboard text if you chose not to type anything).

Write In NotePad
Write whatever you want in that big text box. The Revenge Pack will run NotePad once in a while (if exists), and type it there(really type it!). Then, it will "try" to save it.

Custom Message Boxes (new in version 5.00!)
Same as Error Messages and Funny Messages, only that now you decide on the messages.

Add Pranks... (new in version 5.00!)
Yes! Now you can add up to 5(because it's TRP5... hehehe) pranks to The Revenge Pack! Pranks you find on the Internet, or just EXE files that you want to be run by TRP (and not through the Load Applications prank that runs ANY EXE file). Make sure that the file is independant because The Revenge Pack uses a copy of the file and not the file itself.
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