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Online defensive driving?

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There's a bunch of courses out there for like 25$ and they claim to be certified! How legit are these programs? I really need to get this ticket I just got off my record. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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My wife did the blockbuster one. Took about 6 hrs. $10 to rent the video, $30 for online and mailing. I guess it was pretty easy. She did it on a sunday.

I took my last 2 defensive driving courses through defensivedriving.com for $25. Don't waste your money having someone else order your driving record. Do it yourself online for $12. Takes less than 5 minutes, is mailed directly to you and you have it usually in less than a week.

wouldn't take it any other way than online. Think I took it at defensivedriving.com.
Alright but how does it work, I mean do I take it and then take the certificate when I pay my ticket? Or do I pay the ticket first? Also why do you need a MVR, for proof that it was wipe off your record or something? Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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