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maybe thats all he or she can afford right now. the car looks fine, keep it looking clean.
car looks good, but needs to be dropped
I'd roll it.

Needs a factory hood scoop
Well, I have a V-6 because I got it for FREE ! ! !

I'll be using it as my daily even after I get my next one (V-8) at the first of the year

It's getting dropped, and different headlights in a couple weeks

I ordered the rear blackout, Mustang lettering, and lower bumper insert from
RockyMountain. just waiting for them to arrive

Again, the car was FREE so would you really complain?

TITS or gtfo...
car looks good, but needs to be dropped
Nice car and free is even better.
Your Fat
Looks good needs the scoop and X4 on the drop.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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