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Now homeowners are shooting teenagers!! Yeegads!

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How dare this guy shoot these teenagers! I'm aghast! Doesn't he know they have rights?!?!

SAN MARCOS, Texas — San Marcos police said the residents of a home acted in self-defense when one of them opened fire on a group of intruders overnight. The alleged invaders were teenagers; two of them were killed.

The incident happened shortly before 2 a.m. Friday on Chestnut Street on the west side of San Marcos.

Police said four teenagers — three of them 16 yearsold, the fourth a 17-year-old — broke into the house.

Police said the resident who shot the intruders heard the men breaking in. He came out of his bedroom with a pistol. Police said the teens were armed with a handgun and two pellet guns.

One of the intruders took aim at the resident; the resident fired first.

"I just heard what sounded like a loud noise," said neighbor Jason Locascio. "I didn’t think it was a gunshot at all; there was like six or seven sounds, the same thing over and over, real quick."

One of the 16-year-old intruders died immediately. Another died later at Central Texas Medical Center.

The third 16-year-old was hospitalized at University Medical Center Brackenridge with serious injuries. The fourth suspect ran away.

Police said the suspects are from Luling. According to detectives, the 17-year-old who ran away came back a little later to check on his friends. That's when officers arrested him. He's facing charges of aggravated robbery.

"I just…I don’t even know how to think about it, because its like the two 16-year-olds don't get to wake up this Friday morning, but at the same time, they shouldn't have been trying to break in," said neighbor Hillary Stogsdill. "Four 16-year-olds from Luling? What were they doing all the way over here? How do we know that couldn't have been happening to any one of our houses."

Officers collected bags of evidence from the house, including the front door, which appears to be what the intruders used to get inside.

"It’s completely a mix of emotions," Stogsdill said. "One of the guys next door is one of my best friends ... these guys are like the sweetest guys I’ve ever met."

It remains unclear why the teens came up from Luling to break into the San Marcos home. Police haven’t determined whether any of the men knew each other.

"It’s scary because it’s in my neighborhood," said Emily Bradford. "I'm less than a block away. You just never know. In like a college town, everybody feels safe."

Police said three residents were home when the shooting happened. One is a Texas State University student. The other two are not students.

No one in the residence was injured in the home invasion. it was unclear whether the intruders fired any of their weapons.

The names of the suspects had not been released Friday afternoon.

San Marcos is about 30 miles south of Austin.
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you act like a man your gonna get treated like a man. i dont give a fuck how old you are.
you act like a man your gonna get treated like a man. i dont give a fuck how old you are.
Any of them would be tried as an adult if they had killed one of the residents. Fuckem
Wow two dead scumbag "teenagers." The world is a better place.
Wow two dead scumbag "teenagers." The world is a better place.
I agree totally
Captain save a Crook in 3.....2......1.......
Got what they deserved IMO
But see what had happened was. . . . Its a tragedy that they lost their life, BUTT they were in the wrong. I feel bad for the shooter, unless hes like most of us then it mite not bother them.
They were all church choir boys that were hungry and just needed something to eat....

Bullshit. They came to jack a house with a gun and two look-alike guns. They knew what they were doing, and they took the risk.

Good for the home owner.

Same thing would happen if they came to my house, but God forbid I get to the AK-47 with 75 round drum...

Like someone once said, "a pistol is what you use until you can get your rifle" (or shotgun).
That's a shame. Two of them got away.
but, but the homeowner should've asked them to leave nicely....
They were probably looking for the crippled children's home, they were going to break in and mop the floors...
hahah, that is funny.
Am I the only one that thought that was good shooting? I mean 3 out of 4, at night and under stress.
Am I the only one that thought that was good shooting? I mean 3 out of 4, at night and under stress.
eh, it's only a good shooting if he gets all of them...the homeowner failed miserably.
All they wanted was the homeowner's Little Debbie snack cakes, and it's not the teenager's faults anyway that their schoolteachers didn't steer them down the right path.
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