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Rangers to make the playoffs if you knew they would get swept again by the Yankees?

  • I want them to make the playoffs and just hope for the best.

    Votes: 16 84.2%
  • The utter dissapointment at the hands of the Yankees will be too much again.

    Votes: 3 15.8%

No playoffs or sweep?

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I was just wondering. How many of you would rather see the Rangers not make the playoffs and chalk it up to the fact that they had a really good season and should do even better next year rather than them make the playoffs and get swept again at the hands of the Yankees.

I'm pulling for them to make the playoffs. But seeing them make the playoffs and knowing they will face the Yankees again. I don't think I can go through another postseason dissapointment. Especially if they get swept again by the same team.

Just wondering.
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I don't mind them losing in the postseason. It is a huge step for us, and progress is always a good thing. Yes I hate the Yankees, and it will suck if we get swept. But at least we made it to the show and had our shot.
I don't think they will make the play-offs, and that's fine for me. If they do and get swept, ownership will tout that for years and will have no incentive to keep players signed.
The further they go, the better. The only thing worse than getting swept in the first round is not making it to the post-season at all. It's tough to argue that you had a good season, and nobody would remember that you did, if you don't at least make the playoffs.
The yankees better hope the Rangers dont make the playoffs
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