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:wave: I'm a newbie from just west of the metroplex. Heard about the site on either M1R or never2fast can't remember which but any how. I'm 21 and I have a Torch Red 2004 Mach, bone stock and a 1998 GT with a few minor mods.

and my husband just picked up a 2004 Cobra for himself about a week ago. No good pics of it yet :)
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Oh lord here we go.
welcome and get ready.
what if she doesnt have any?
then its prolly a dude


Did you not "lurk" before you joined up? There is a reason my wife has been a member here for about 4 years and has zero posts.

I dont wanna have to kill a motherfucker. :D
LMAO....yah ..

not mine for sure but those will have to do
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ajenn22's account has been inactive for 90 days

ajenn22's account has been inactive for 90 days

what rat said

guess yours will have to suffice
1 - 20 of 159 Posts
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