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I'm selling all parts -- all new -- for a 408 small block Ford build, plus some tools and Fox Mustang chassis parts.
I bought all of these parts new in late 2002 to early 2003, had the block and crank machined at Arlington Machine Shop, assembled the rods and pistons, and then tried to assemble the short block but had insufficient clearance between the crank and main bearing.
That was as far as I went -- I got busy with other things and the project never materialized. The parts have been stored in my dad's garage in Midland, TX (dry climate) until now.

NOTE: I think the part number below is correct for the pistons. This morning I used a syringe to measure how much water the dish holds and I'll believe they're 30cc dishes. I forgot to grab the folder with the plans, specs, and receipts when I grabbed the parts. I'll update this listing soon with the known part number and dish volume after I receive that folder in the mail.

Pictures of all parts: Car Parts For Sale - Google Drive

Thanks for looking! I hope some other people can put these parts to good use :)

Engine Parts:

Ford SVO block 351W, machined to 0.030" over for 408

Specs: Ford Performance Parts M-6010-W351
  • Cap 1 is 2 bolts
  • Caps 2, 3, and 4 are 4 bolts with splayed outer bolts
  • Cap 5 is 4 bolts with non-splayed outer bolts
Serial number 2K0816
There is some surface rust from sitting for years -- see pictures.

Ford Racing plug & dowel kit for 351W

Eagle 4340 forged crankshaft for Ford 351W SVO - 6.200" stroke for 408

ARP Ford 351W w/windage tray main stud kit

Moroso oil pan with rear baffle for Ford 351W
I think the closest current part number is 20520, though that is newer and has billet end seals.

Moroso windage tray for Ford 351W
I think this is Moroso part number 22935, which fits Ford 351W/SVO with rear sump oil pans, and will fit Dart 4-bolt engine blocks by slotting the mounting holes.

Moroso oil dipstick for Ford 351W
I think it's part number 25970

Ford Racing one-piece oil pan gasket for 351W
M-6710-B351 (this part number may be M-6710-A351 now)

ARP Ford oil pan bolt kit - stainless steel, 6 pt

Melling high volume oil pump

Ford Motorsport SVO rear seal

Eagle H-beam ESP rods for small-block Ford 408 - 6.200"
Includes ARP Eagle 8740 rod bolts
(See below for ARP L19 rod bolt upgrade.)
I think the part number is CRS6200B3DL19
There are some flecks of debris on the rods; that is not corrosion.
JE Pistons pistons with forged marking 518D, assembled onto rods with double JE Pistons Spiro Locks
As noted above, I think the part number is 170393, which is 30cc dish. I'll update this listing once I confirm.
They are assembled so I'm selling them together.

ARP Eagle L19 rod bolts

JE Pistons Spiro Locks - fits diameter .896 - .945, 32 pack

JE Pistons Precision Made Ring Set 4.030" file-fit rings for forced induction / nitrous

  • Top ring set S14030-5-116HPB 4.030+.005 X 116
  • 2nd ring set P24030-5-116IPT 4.030+.005 X 1/16
  • Oil ring set S34030-0-316CUS 122002/M101102 4.030 X 3/16

Flowtech Induction design Comp Cams custom solid roller for supercharger or nitrous -- see picture for cam specs

Cam Info


Clevite 77 performance camshaft bearings
CB-663 H

Airflow Research 1451 Ford cylinder heads - 220cc, 58cc, purchased assembled


220cc SBF Competition Cylinder Head
Manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads and manifolds for ford and chevy
AFR says they currently have an 8-10 week minimum lead time; these are available today 😃

ARP small block Ford head stud kit 1/2" - 6 pt

Comp Cams 1.6 7/16" Pro Magnum roller rockers

Ground Pounder fabricated valve covers for small block Ford

Trick Flow 351W EFI upper and lower intake manifold, w/90mm upper
TFS 5150006

ARP small block Ford intake manifold bolt kit - stainless steel, 12 pt

Accufab Ford 90MM race throttle body with spacer

Ford Racing aluminum front cover and water pump seal M-6059-D351 for Ford 289/302/351W
  • High quality die-cast aluminum production timing chain cover Made In The USA.
  • Fits 289/302/351W blocks including Ford Performance Boss 302 and Ford Performance Boss 351.
  • For standard rotation water pump including M-8501-G351 or reverse rotation water pump M-8501-C50
  • Includes dipstick tube hole for front sump oil pan and fuel pump mounting boss.
  • Will only work with driver side inlet water pumps. Will not fit 1987 - 97 Ford Truck or Van applications.
  • Has dipstick tube hole.
  • Gasket and seal included.

ARP Ford 289/302/351W timing cover and water pump bolt kit - stainless steel, 6pt

Ford Motorsport SVO high performance timing chain set - full roller multi index / full double roller

ATI Super Damper 6.325", for 28.2 oz external balance
There are lots of part numbers on these:
  • Front 910 70
  • Hub 916566
  • Ring that attaches to hub 916902
  • Counterweight that attaches to ring 916850

ARP Ford balancer bolt kit

B&M flexplate - 157 tooth, 13.28" diameter, for 28.2 oz external balance Ford

ARP Chevy flexplate bolt kit - 12 pt

Other Parts:

Auburn Pro Series 8.8" limited-slip differential for 31-spline axle shafts (Ford Racing part # M-4204-P31) w/Richmond installation kit (83-1043-1)

Ford 30-spline pinion gear and bearing 8.8" 3.73 E7SBA
I lost track of the ring gear at some point so make an offer on this pinion ¯\(ツ)

Energy Suspension rear spring isolators - 79-95 Ford Mustang 4.6101G

Energy Suspension front upper and lower spring isolators - 86-96 Ford Mustang 4.6102G

Ford lock set w/ignition key & lock, door & trunk locks E7ZZ-6121984-B

  • Ignition key and lock
  • Doors and trunk locks only - DOOR KEY IS MISSING
This was a spare lock set that came with a project car I bought in 2003.


American Forge and Foundry Strut Spring Compressor
Model 3610

For MacPherson struts with springs up to 7" in diameter
This tool is almost brand new -- I believe I used it once.

ARP Ring Compressor 4.030"

Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband oxygen sensor

POR15 rust preventative paint, black - 4 quarts
Brand new, never opened.
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