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never kill a black snake...

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because they kill poisonous snakes!

i got this from another forum

The guy who snapped these photos said the rattler was still rattling all the way down!

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ok, where are the pics? i just ran over a snake on the road on my way home from Mckinney about 20 minutes ago.
i just hosted them on tinypic
ok, that's fucked up. when it loaded up after my last post, the pics are there.
haha. damn!!
is that a Rat Snake or a Cotton mouth??
damn thats crazy
wow, so can the rattle snake bite the inside of the black snake?

Fuck that's a big ass snake
That's right! Just give me one poisonous punk in here and I'll take care of business. :006:
I've heard King snakes eat Rattle snakes but figured it was bullshit. I guess not....... even still I use to kill all snakes but now I only kill them if I know they are poisonous .
That's a King snake. badassedness
Hey, this is dfwstangs. That was a Rat Snake eating another Rat Snake that had grown rattlers on its tail!!
First snake I've ever loved....
wow, so can the rattle snake bite the inside of the black snake?

Its called a Blue Indigo, The rancher at our dear lease got on to me for killing one a few years back. thats when I learned that they kill other snakes.
Indigos are King Snakes. King Snakes are cannibals, except during breeding season(April thru July), and even then if the other snake is smaller they sometimes will. I have a Mexican Black King and he eats whatever I put in his cage. In fact I usually go catch him a Texas water snake about once a month to keep his diet varied. King snakes are also impervious to rattlesnake venom. Most colubrids(Rat, King, Corn, Milk, etc.) are, but Kings are the most immune. In fact it does absolutely nothing to them. 3 full grown ones can damn near wipe out a rattler den. And they will eat until they gorge themselves.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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