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ok i'm really tired of this little problem. as some of you know i have a 79 capri. here is all of the mods.

mac off road x pipe
mac cat back
smog pump eliminator
t-5 tranny
8.8" rear end
msd 6a box
msd coil
holly 570 street avenger carb
'69 four barrel intake

this is my problem
about a month ago i (like usual) got on it out of a parking lot....the car bogged and died. i thought well i'm low on gas and my gas gauge is off sooooo......maybe it's out. so i filled it up. well the problem persisted. when it's cold it cranks and runs fine but when it's warmed up it boggs and dies and doesn't want to run right. so i rewired my ignition and that seemed to help with a few little ideling problems, but as soon as it gets warm .....dead. well in this time i've also tried 2 electric fuel pumps, since i noticed that the fuel pressure was bottoming out when all of the bogging takes place. this didn't help. sooo i took the fuel pressure regulator off and am running it on just the primary (2 front) barrels. this is ok, but i still can't drive it in town....it gets warm and dies. but the water pump is new and pumps fine and the thermostat is fine. also i checked the timing and it's at 8 degrees above tdc.

any help would be great. i hate driving my car only able to use the front barrels......too many ricers to race

thanks justin

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try blowing the sock off of the gas tank... hook up compressed air to the gas inlet on the fuel pump... (be sure to take the gas cap off), and force air into the gas tank.. this will blow of the 22 year old sock filter..., had the same prob on my 85... and doing that cleared up the problem!!

hope this helps..

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thanks for the advice

i really appreciate the advice.

the sock filter is clear.....i took it off until i get another one should be this week....it was clogged.

i have a filter after the pump, but not before it...i'll do that too.

and come to think of it ......the choke isn't working right. could that be causing it. i'll try that and see.

any other suggestions would be helpful.

also i was wondering how much hp am i pushing now and how much more would i get if i were to go ahead and add heads, cam, better intake, and a good set of headers? but you have to figure on a 180,000 mile flat tappet motor it isn't going to respond as well to power adders.

once again thank all of you for the help

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