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Need some help...

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Some low life piece of crap broke into my house and stole a bunch of stuff. some of which can't be replaced. Besides Craigs and Ebay is there any other local web sites that ya'll can point me to to watch for the stuff. I really only care about the musical instruments and the guns..TV's and crap I can replace..Any help is appreciated. (and yes, I have the serial #'s)....
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until we get pics of your s/o no help will be given
until we get pics of your s/o no help will be given
Does my dog count? nothing else regular latley
Sorry to hear that man, there is always the pawn shops of course. Not sure of any websites but most have classified sections.

Get an alarm or a big ass dog.
Suck sorry to hear that, same thing happened to me this past weekend, might try ebay with a radius near you. Just a thought, probably very unlikely
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