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need Patio Ideas

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We are building a home and adding a patio... we are/were looking at stained and stamped concrete, but it's running about $14 a sq/ft for the size we're looking for i.e. 100sq/ft.

Any suggestions for anything else? I looked at flagstone stuff, but they seem to say if you want to put a table on it, go ahead and do it "wet", so the price is basically the same because you pour a concrete base and lay the stones in it.

Wondering if anyone has any great ideas? I'm not a landscaper by any means, but I want something that is durable, looks good, and will be able to handle a patio table and chairs without leaning or "teetering" all the time.

If you have an idea, please post up a picture, or post a picture of your patio. I asked my wife if she would mind a concrete patio, and then acid staining it after, but she wasn't really feeling that.

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