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Need helpwith towing a cobra!!!

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I'm driving 3 hours south to buy a 96 cobra today but am unsure if it will fit on my trailer. Had the owner measure the car and skirt to skirt it's 72 inches. My trailor is only 75. It's a 16 foot dual axle standard farm trailer i tow my tractor with. Has anyone towed an SN95 on one of these before and how insanely close are my tolerances going to be. Dont want to waste 6 hours of my day if this car wont fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I believe it will fit but will be close, the doors won't open and you will have to go thru the window because of the side rails. I haven't hauled a sn95 so i am not positive but I have hauled fox bodies and had room to spare......I regularly haul a 71 Bronco with 12.00 x 15 tires and it barely fits between the rails.
arent the front tires out wider than the skirts?
it'll fit I tow a lot of mustangs w/my 16' top rail trailer
did it fit?
75 inches - 72 inches = 3 inches. According to my rocket science equation the answer is yes it will fit with 3 inches to spare.
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