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I was thinking about going with this combo in my 93 coupe:

Keith Craft 408 short block
Fully prepped 351w block with ARP main studs, cam bearings, freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, hydraulic roller cam, double roller timing set, Balanced and blueprinted rotating assembly wgich includes: Eagle crank, eagle rods, probe pistons, Plasma moly rings, Federal Mogul bearings

Canton 351w 7qt. oil pan
Includes pick-up and dipstick

Trick Flow R intake

Vortech YS-trim supercharger

My question is what heads do you think I should go with? I was leaning towards a set of Stange 3 ported Edelbrock Victor Jr., stage 3 AFR 185s', or the classic stage 3 Trick Flow twisted wedge heads. What would you reccomend? What cam would you reccomend? I have the fuel system and drivetrain to back up the combo and also DFI. I would like to run around 15 psi and keep it as streetable as possible. Do you think this would make good power? I plan to add a igloo later on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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