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Can anyone point me in the right direction for the best price on hex dumbbells. I would consider chrome or rubberized dumbbells if they weren't so damn expensive. I'm looking for weights ranging from 10lbs to 45lbs. PM me if you know a good place to buy them or have any to sell or email me at [email protected]

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mustang_marc said:
Don't know exactly what you're willing to spend, but these rock! Just a tad on the pricey side, but they take up almost no space and they're adjustable from 5-45lbs I belive. I've used these before and they look uncomfortable, but they're not.


i believe i've tried those before, and if those are the same thing i used, i highly recommend them, very cool and comfortable

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keep in mind

they are pretty expensive
Products (All Blocks pricing is for a pair) Pricing
SportBlock (3-21 lbs. per dumbbell) $119.00
SportBlock Stand $115.00
Sport Tray $29.00
Sport Tray Wings (to hold SportBlocks on Personal or Pro Stand) $49.00
Personal Set (5-45 lbs. per dumbbell) $219.00
Personal Plus Set (20-60 Lbs. per dumbell) $349.00
Personal Plus Handle Set (upgrades Personal Set to 60 lbs.) $159.00
Medical Set (2.5-50 lbs. per dumbbell, every 2.5 lb jump) $329.00
Personal Stand (for Personal or Personal Plus Set) $115.00
Pro Set Rexan (5-45 lbs. per dumbbell, can expand to 85 or 125) $329.00
Pro Set Aluminum (10-50 lbs. per dumbbell, can expand to 90, or 130) $475.00
Pro Stand (for all Pro Sets and Medical Set) $119.00
5-8 Add On Kit (takes 45 lb Pro Set to 85 lbs) $219.00
8-11 Big Block Kit (expands 85 lb set to 125 lbs.) $382.00
5-11 Big Block Kit (takes 45 lb Pro Set to 125) $545.00
Pro Multi Bench (adjustments of flat, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees) $219.00
Travel Bench (portable, legs fold under, has built in shoulder strap) $149.00
Ab Bench $199.00
Dip Attachment (for use with Pro Bench) $65.00
10 Reasons To Lift Weights For Life Poster (25" x 39" price includes shipping) $6.00
PowerBlock Weight Training Video (full body workout with man & women) $20.00
New! PowerBlock Weight Training CD-ROM (exercises in video by body part-custom printable program with training log) sent priority mail, add $4 $39.00

but worth it nonetheless
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