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MX track next to Northstar Dragway???

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Is it still there... Theres one from the areial photos but when I drove by the other day it doesnt look to be there???
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I don't think so. I know there is a go kart track behind the track though.
it wasnt in operation when the track was Denton dragway. It's unkept, and floods with any rain. Not sure who own the land, but I did see a mxer out there once or twice. Be careful if your exploring the area the top of hill is a gun range, and had a lot police activity
Thanks guys!

Been on TXtracks but didnt see it there & thought there might be some that arent on there.

Were probably moving to Sanger & I was looking for somewhere close for the kids to practice... Thinking its going to be North 40 or I-35. Just have to see how it goes. Also cant wait to ride Bulcher!!! Place looks awesome and theres actually trees..lol.

Finally going to get to race at Denton also if I can ever get settled and get the car back together.

If anyone knows of any rentals outside the city I am open to suggestions. We want to rent for awhile till we learn the area to buy a home. Need a good garage and a little land if at all possible!!

Thanks again!
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It used to be called Milam Creek MX and was a decent track back in the mid 90s but hasnt been since...it has closed and reopened a few time since. Havent heard much about it lately so I assume it is closed again.
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