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MW2 multiplayer trailer **drool**

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holy chet! looks sweeet! cannot wait!
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Was that multiplayer against AI or what? Graphics look awesomely smooth.
Was that multiplayer against AI or what? Graphics look awesomely smooth.
I don't think so... they had unique names and at the end of the vid they showed a host migration; suggesting online gameplay
throwing knives. AWESOME!!!!!!!!
throwing knives. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

007 Goldeneye awesome.

The people on the other team really sucked then.
I took a few days off work the week it comes out. Fucking can't cash out PTo and i got 15 days.
shitttt.. I cant wait.
I will be buying the hell out of this game!!! looks amazing!
heck yea. does look sweet as hell. i have been slowing down on playing multi player right now so we all don't get burn out.

This game and forza3 i can't wait
I already have a reserved copy can't freaking wait.
ODST, MW2, Forza3, jesus this fall is gonna be awesome. And I'm gonna fail school...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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