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Mustang Technologies... This is some cool shit!

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My old flight instructor is part owner in this company. He explained what all they do... They started by making radar systems for the military using old cell phone parts.

Now they have this Crosshairs system... They can mount it on a hummer, and drive around. If someone shoots at the vehicle, the system automatically detects what direction and distance the projectile is coming from (even rifle rounds) and returns fire all automatically. He said depending on range, it can detect, lock on, and return fire before the enemies round even hits the truck. He said its highly accurate as far out as 500 yards, and can return fire just as accurately. The computer automatically corrects for wind, vehicle speed, vehicle direction, and elevation changes.

Pretty fuckin cool if you ask me, I want one. :cool:

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So is there a contract with the military yet?
So is there a contract with the military yet?
didnt ask. he talked like they did tho.
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