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MS OneNote - 2007 is on my computer but

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When I open up Outlook, I can't find a "send to" button that is suppose to be there - I have searched and found how to use it - etc - but can't find how to add the button to Outlook 2007????
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Are you a 32bit or 64bit OS?

In outlook, goto Tools, Trust Center -

Do you see the add-in for One Note? Is it greyed out?
shows it as

a disabled add in - so how do I enable?

Thanks for your help
In Outlook, print an email.
Do you have a "send to onenote" printer option?

mine is 64 bit and no option to print to onenote ...

I hate Vista!
reading where you sent me - 64 is bad .. for onenote integration?

what would you suggest?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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