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A convertible is a joy to drive with the top down, in case it is properly functioning, however, if it is torn, worn, or somehow damaged, you may find yourself uncomfortable. A faulty soft top should be replaced, and Kee Auto Top is a number one choice. This manufacturer has been supplying Mustang owners with superior quality convertible sailcloths, tension cables, and folding rear glass windows for over 50 years.

To keep their convertible tops as accurate as possible, Kee Auto Top has their skilled technicians to use only the latest technologies in high-tech laser cutting machines, designed to cut each original Mustang top pattern to exact specifications. It utilizes premium polyester thread for all sewing operations to ensure a much stronger seam that will last for a very long time. Kee Auto Top soft tops are guaranteed free from defects in materials and workmanship for eight years or 96 months.

Take care of your comfort and the look of your Mustang with Kee Auto Top Convertible Tops!

Kee Auto Top® - Convertible Top

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