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Magnesium Chloride

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Drove my new truck to Colorado, had to drive down a road with magnesium chloride freshly applied. I washed the truck immediately after getting back down the mountain, both at a pull through car wash with undercarriage cleaning and sprayed it down with a pressure washer. Is there anything else I need to do or can do to make sure it doesn't tear anything up?

Thanks in advance.
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I doubt one run in with this will cause any damage, but I can't say 100% for sure. I know vehicles go for years and years without ever seeing any damage from this stuff. But then there are cars with very little miles on them and are completely torn up from it.

If you know someone with a lift, you can use it to get the truck up in the air and get an all purpose cleaner or degreaser. Soak it down, scrub where you can, then pressure wash it all off.

Wish I could be more help, but we really don't mess with that stuff too much down here, so I'm no expert on it. Sorry.
Thanks man. I wouldn't have been worried but they had just sprayed this stuff down when I drove through. We got back to Texas tonight, I'll climb under tomorrow and get the spots I missed.

Thanks again.
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