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LSM gtg 9-3

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When: 7pm

Where: Fuddruckers/Main Event Parking lot

Address: Fuddruckers
(817) 263-0996
5601 Sw Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX


Info: We have a signed letter giving permission by the managers of Fuddruckers and Main Event to be there and we have met there for a couple months now. We also have the support of the local lawenforcement to keep this meet trouble free! Come check out one of the premier car clubs in DFW.

This is a Domestic only meet for the most part.

Respect the meet and Respect the rules!

You don't have to be part of the club to come out.
Few rules:
No burnouts
No revving constantly to say "look at me"
Don't litter
No racing to, from or around fudds. This isn't a place to setup races, so don't

Same song and dance as each week. Had about 50 cars last week. Swing by if ya'll can make it. We usually go in and eat about 7:30 ish so if you come up and no one is outside, come on in. Crowd picks up about 8-8:30 and we still meet rain or shine
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i should be there
i will be there
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